Dancing Bear Turns Beauty Salon Into Porn Studio

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The Dancing Bear is in town and what do you expect is going to happen? He shows up at this beauty salon where a bunch of girls are getting ready to go to their friend’s wedding later today. As soon as the music starts pumping and the Dancing Bear starts underssing, the girls go crazy. Just put a cock in front of them and they will automaticaly put it in their mouth and start sucking. Each one of them gives it a shot. These blowjob divas only want one thing: A huge facial cumshot on their pretty little face, just as if they were porn stars

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The Dancing Bear Loves A Good Wedding

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Dancing Bear Porn

When The Dancing Bear heard about this wedding, he couldn’t resist. he immediatly crashed the party and showed the bride and bride’s maids a thing or two they will never forget. As soon as the music starts pumping, The Dancing Bear Porns the shit out of this boring wedding. The girls go crazy when the guys get undressed. They line up to get some nice cock action and some even kneel down to give some amazing blowjobs. Some lucky gals even receive huge facial cumshots as their friends watch and cheer. This is one party they will never forget. Enjoy the show

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